Exercise 6

  1. This is the starting image:
    The goal is to colorize it using semi-automatic colorization.  

  2. Open the image.

  3. Change color space to YCbCr by clicking CSpace>YCbCr.

  4. Click Paint>Set F2 to Color and Mask.

  5. Press X to create new layer.

  6. Open any image that has some colors that you want to paint with.

  7. Left click on a color and press Enter.  

  8. Press X to bring Lena to top layer.

  9. Press P to make cursor round paint cursor.   Use +/- keys to change radius.

  10. Paint a stroke in region for colorization by dragging cursor with right mouse button down.   This initially displays paint strokes in black, so you should press S to view the painted color.   You can erase by holding the middle mouse button down.  

  11. Repeat by pressing X and starting at Step 6 or 7 until your image looks something like this:
    Don't forget to paint eyeballs white because that doesn't show in the above image.

  12. Click Paint>Set F2 to AutoColor, leave default settings, and press F2.   The result should look something like this:

  13. Finished! But, you would likely want to do manual touchups at this stage, thusly:  

  14. Remove mask by pressing M.   Status can be seen in menu bar.

  15. Make only the Cr and Cb channels active by pressing keypad 1.   Status can be seen in 3rd pane of status bar.

  16. Hold Control key down before and while engaging menu bar and click Basic>Set Image to Color.   "Color" should appear as last item in menu bar, otherwise, you haven't done it correctly and should read more detailed instructions in manual.

  17. Select a color as in Step 7 and paint.